Alex Steel For Sanitary Ware Industry We are honored to offer you a product with a history of experience and excellence

Our grandmother
We work the finest and finest raw materials imported from major Turkish and Italian international companies
Our equipment
The factory is equipped with the latest Turkish technology
Our production
Monitor at all stages of the best cadres and equipment to meet the standards
Our cadres
We have cadres with experience in the highest degrees of vocational training and vocational training
Our products
The finest and the finest are combined with durability and good taste

History of the factory

Alex Steel was established for sanitary ware

In 2007 where we develop unique strategies to meet market requirements and increase our marketing share

We are now studying Arab markets

Which enables us to spread to high quality with the right price for our products. We have the ability, the manufacturing expertise and the marketing skills that enable us to maximize our sales to meet our customers' wishes.